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Fear and Loathing and Windows 8

I can’t believe I just read 8,000 words about Windows 8, but I’m glad I did.  Though I’m a Mac guy at home, I have to use (and to some degree provide support for) Windows at work.  We are a bit behind, just making the transition to Windows 7 now.  This article is a great examination of what happens during major OS transitions in general, and what could happen with Windows 8 in particular.  If this at all interests you, it’s a good read.  After you do, I have a comment.

Towards the end, there’s a section on “What Will Apple Do” [to capitalize on the potential crash-and-burn fallout].  The author suggests that it would be an opportune time for Apple to get back into the PC vs. Mac ad business, and provide some great migration tools.  I don’t think Apple should or will do anything of the sort.

Of course, Apple already does offer Windows migration tools and services, and backward compatibility support in Boot Camp.  But I think the author is off base in suggesting that Apple’s under-10% worldwide PC market share is of any concern to them.  Tim Cook just said as much at the All Things Digital conference, Apple is never going to sell the majority of computers.  Apple’s concern is only that it make and sell the best.  If people are going to flock to Apple after an exodus from Windows, it will come naturally and because of that, not from any kind of special wooing.  Apple is already doing the right thing to capitalize on a Windows 8 failure by just being excellent.


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Here’s what I think: Apple absolutely has a TV prototype, probably several.  But they aren’t necessarily going to release it.

I see two problems, and only two*: margin and inventory.  Currently, the flat-screen television racket is a low-margin, cutthroat business; Apple doesn’t play that game.  And stocking iPads and MacBooks is one thing: they’re easy to store in the back room of the Apple Store, and they’re easy to ship.  Stocking and/or shipping a 50-inch screen is quite something else.

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iPad: Not Just For Mobile

Andy Ihnatko, writing for Macworld UK (hat tip to Daring Fireball):

No, I no longer wish I had an 11-inch Air. What I have here — a third-generation iPad and an Apple Wireless Keyboard — is better. I have better-than-good native iOS apps to handle almost all of my mobile needs. When only a desktop app will do, I have VNC, and/or the wonderful OnLive Desktop service that allows me to run Microsoft Office on a virtualised Windows 7 server

I’ve been feeling this since the launch of the first iPad. 

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I am reading Guy Kawasaki’s The Macintosh Way.  A quote:

"The perfect market has no established competitors.  It’s growing at 50 percent a year, and there are high barriers for entry for everyone except you.  Wake up and smell the silicon.  There are no such markets." (1990)

I think one could argue that Apple has excelled at inventing those markets for itself.

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A fascinating interview with Steve Jobs from the NeXT days.  Smartest man in this industry who lived in our time.  When he thought about the future of computing, he got almost nothing wrong. (Here, he sells the importance of entertainment on the computer a little short, but he certainly made up for that when he returned to Apple.)

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Okay, this is real holy shit. Tim Cook says today in the earnings call that they think the tablet market will be bigger than the PC market. That’s kind of a duh statement, you might say, “Of course it’s going to be bigger than just the PC market.” But think about that. What that really means is, the tablet market becomes the PC market. Tablets are going to be what normal people use to do stuff. Get a bluetooth keyboard and an AirPrint printer, and there’s no reason for a normal person to have a PC. (By which I mean PC or Mac.)

And right now, there is no tablet market, just an iPad market. In other words, Apple wins.

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Grudging Respect

I’m an Apple guy in this phase in my life, and of late I’ve been thinking about the roots, and thinking about forming a little “computer museum” of my own in the garage, considering I’m already in possession of an iMac DV (Ruby) and a PowerMac 8100/80.  I hope to acquire an early compact Mac, and that will round it out nicely.  I already use an old LaserWriter 320 with my modern iMac.

But looking back at those early times in the ’80s, and then over at the IBM equivalents, it hit me: you can take a program from those early MS-DOS days, drop to a command line in Windows XP (and I presume Vista and Windows 7)… and run it.  That’s pretty incredible.  On the one hand, conventional Apple fanboy wisdom holds that Microsoft’s big problem is it doesn’t chuck out the old to make way for the new, but on the other hand, it’s quite a thing to build a major windowing, muti-tasking, networked OS on such a humble foundation.

One could argue that Mac OS X’s foundations are even older, based in Unix… but that’s just getting petty. (Plus, there’s no through-line, except through NeXT.  Apple spent most of the time with it’s own proprietary OS, until Steve came back.)

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