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First Date

Some people were underwhelmed by yesterday’s Apple Special Event.  But it’s all about expectations.  And I think yesterday’s talk (I’m hesitant to elevate to “keynote”) was just the right beginning for Tim Cook.

Just the idea that it was being presented at Apple’s campus Town Hall in Cupertino should have been a clue that this would be a smaller, more intimate event.  Most of the presentation was given to a rah-rah retail update and a recap of iOS 5 and iCloud from the WWDC event.  There was no flashy hardware reveal; in fact, the only hardware on stage was the single iPhone 4S used for the live demos.

But this was Tim Cook’s first date… with us.  We don’t really have a relationship with him yet.  Our relationship with Steve Jobs is measured in decades, and has had ups and downs, heartbreak and elation.  He came to be familiar, we knew his idiosyncrasies, and yes, we certainly miss his presence.  Yet Tim was right not to overly emulate Steve’s style*, much as you don’t want to emulate your date’s last significant other the first time you go out.  Instead, you keep it simple, you stick to safe material, maybe a little predictable.  This was dinner and a movie.

Over time, we will become more familiar with Tim Cook, and he more familiar with what we’d like to see, with what he may have to offer that we’d be interested in.  Give him some time in the big chair.

On the announcements themselves, I’ll only say two things.  First, Siri really is “Star Trek-level” technology, as the Macalope tweeted.  (Sorry, can’t link it at the moment.)  Awesome, and I can’t wait for the day I get to have one of these phones.

Second, just look at that price lineup.  The brand-new state-of-the-art iPhone 4S is the same competitive $199 with contract.  The until yesterday king-of-the-hill, gold standard iPhone 4 is now just $99, and you can get a 2-generations old (and my personal phone, still better than anything else I’ve ever used) iPhone 3GS for FREE.  So much for “the worlds most expensive cell phone,” according to Ballmer in 2007.  So, Steve, how’s that going with Windows Mobile?  Still like your chances?

*Even the black dress shirt I would chalk up to being more about not clashing with the keynote slides than dressing up Jobs’ turtleneck.

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Bookbook iPhone case

I don’t know about the utility of this.  It’s beautiful, certainly.  But you’re going to look like That Phone Guy if you hold this up to your ear to talk, plus that’s some extra weight you’re holding up.  Maybe this appeals to people who use Bluetooth or corded headsets (or *shudder* speakerphone) exclusively.

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Retro-Review: iPhone 3GS (Part 2)

Before I move on to the software, a few more notes on the hardware.  I have come around, and love the redesign.  The tapered edges really make it easier to grab my phone out of the pocket where it resides next to my wallet.  The curve of the back feels nice in my hand as I hold it up to talk, and the plastic adds grippiness, meaning I don’t have to stick a skin on it to keep from dropping the thing.

On to the software.

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Retro-Review: iPhone 3GS (Part 1)

Flash back to, what, 2008.  After a year of having the future in his pocket in the form of the original iPhone, the technologist and Apple fan beholds the Next Thing: the iPhone 3G, redesigned!

Okay, here’s the deal: I’ve been living with this iPhone 2G, jailbroken and unlocked on T-Mobile, for about a year now, and it’s been fabulous, compared to everything that had come before (minor exception might be the Motorola Zine that my wife now uses—I thought that was a good phone).  But it’s time to move up in the world, take better pictures, use location services, and multitask.  So I got me a 3GS.

I haven’t had time to put unlocked and jailbroken 4.2 on it and set it up, so part 1 is just the physical object itself.

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Posted by mwilk:
Maybe that should read handset designer. Apple doesn’t build its own equipment correct? Thought that all the Iphones[sic] and various Apple branded music players are all contract manufactured in China.

Posted by bewlaybrutha:
@ mwilk
Yeah, If Steve Jobs doesn’t personally assemble each phone the credit should really go to Foxconn, you fucking ninny.

Comments on this Wired story about Apple becoming the number 4 handset maker

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Microsoft and Adobe Meet Against Apple?

The meeting, which lasted over an hour, covered a number of topics, but one of the main thrusts of the discussion was Apple and its control of the mobile phone market and how the two companies could partner in the battle against Apple. A possible acquisition of Adobe by Microsoft were among the options.

Cue that wonderful Steve Ballmer quote from 2007, before the iPhone’s release:

There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.

Maybe that’s a canard at this point, but really, how Steve Ballmer still has a job at this point is beyond me.  It’s not even that Microsoft’s products are worse than when he became CEO—evidence suggests they are actually improving.  It’s just that he can’t see anything coming, and he won’t even admit it’s passed him by until it’s way too late.

Original head up thanks to Daring Fireball.

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4.0 for Me?

Today Apple is set to announce iPhone OS 4.0, and probably go into some details about what is going to be in it. Most are speculating about multitasking and some new springboard, but I have to think it’s going to be more than that. There must be something really interesting Apple is going to do with it, or why do it?

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